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Woodland Conservation and Management 2nd edition - reprint

Woodland Conservation and Management 2nd edition - reprint


Digitally scanned reprint of the second edition of this title first published in 1981. Introduces basic principles for conservation in ancient woods and woods of other origins, mostly set in a predominantly agricultural landscape. Provides a classification of ancient semi-natural woodland based on native trees and other readily recognizable features.

374pp, b&w photos, some distribution maps.

  • Table of contents
  • Part One: Origins, management and ecological charatceristics of British woodlands. Original natural woodland. Ancient woodland and traditional management. Ecological characteristics of ancient woods. High forest management. Recent secondary woodland. Long-term changes in the woodland flora.
  • Part Two: Types of semi-natural woodland in Britain. Woodland classification. Types of ancient semi-natural woodland. Management variants of stand types. Succession and stand types. British woodland types in a European context.
  • Part Three: Woodland nature conservation. Objectives and priorities of nature conservation in British woodlands. Observation and recording in woodlands. Assessment of woodlands for nature conservation.
  • Part Four: Management for nature conservation. Planning for nature conservation within forestry. Pattern and redistribution of woodland. Nature conservation aspects of woodland management. Management of semi-natural woodland. Integration of nature conservation with other objectives of woodland management. British woodland management in a European context. References. Indexes.
  • Publisher: - Chapman & Hall - more

    Code: - ISBN: 9780412557309

    Year: - 1993

    Authors: - George Peterken

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