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Tropical & Subtropical Trees: A Worldwide Encyclopaedic Guide

Tropical & Subtropical Trees: A Worldwide Encyclopaedic Guide


In this exhaustive, lavishly illustrated A-Z encyclopaedic guide to trees from tropical and subtropical climates, Margaret Barwick describes trees by their specific attributes and profiles, such as colour, shape, texture, flowers, foliage, edible fruit, spice or timber, and those that have traditionally provided an essential element to the lives of their communities. In addition to the 1,981 colour illustrations of trees taken in the wild at the peak of their condition, and over 200 useful tree silhouettes depicting height and spread, there are 80 specially commissioned artworks of the morphology of leaves, flowers and fruit, based on terms used in the book, as well as a collection of useful quick-reference checklists.

Hardcover: 512 pages

Publisher: - Thames and Hudson - more

Code: - ISBN: 9780500511817

Year: - 2004

Authors: - Margaret Barwick & Anton van der Schans

Availability: - Out of print

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