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Tree Root Damage to Buildings: 2 volume set:

Tree Root Damage to Buildings: 2 volume set:


A comprehensive analysis of how the interaction of trees, soils and water can cause foundation movement and damage to proerties. Volume I, Causes, Diagnosis and Remedy(376pp.). provides a useful reference manual, as the theoretical background is complemented by detailed case studies at end of each chapter. Volume II, Patterns of Soil Drying in Proximity to Trees on Clay Soils (229 pp.), contains a description of the methods applied and the technical data derived by species and soil type, from the data sets in volume I. A4 format paperback.
Mainly col. illustrations, maps, diagrams and col. photos.

ISBN 095330860X (set) ISBN 0953308618 (vol. I) ISBN 0953308626 (vol. II)

Publisher: - Willowmead Publishing Ltd - more

Code: - ISBN: 9780953308606

Year: - 1998

Authors: - Biddle, P.G.

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