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Tree Morphogenesis - Simulated Wind Pruning for Trees

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146 pages
35.5 x 24.5 x 1.8 cm

Tree Morphogenesis - Simulated Wind Pruning for Trees


Tree Morphogenesis: Simulated Wind Pruning for Trees - New Ways to look at, see and understand your trees, is a technical guide in plain English for tree owners, delivering new tree insights and a truly sympathetic management strategy using an underused human sense to reveal how we all instinctively understand tree form.

The author has been a practising arborist for 3 decades and has developed his own theories about how trees grow, their form and structure, and how they can be pruned to promote their natural growth rather than hinder it.
A very personal approach to managing trees in a sympathetic manner.

Publisher: - Self Published - more

Code: - 9780993011405

Year: - 2012

Authors: - Lloyd-Jones, D.

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