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The Ecology and Silviculture of Oaks (2nd Edition)

The Ecology and Silviculture of Oaks (2nd Edition)


The authors present principles on how to understand and manage oak forests to meet different objectives. The concepts are based on recognising similarities and differences among the various kinds of oak forests. Thus although the book focuses on the diverse oak forests of the United States the underlying principles presented are applicable to many, if not most, of the oak forests of the world. The book draws on the authors' extensive experience and knowledge of the distribution, regeneration ecology, stand dynamics, growth and yield, and traditional as well as new silvicultural practices for multi-resource management. The book covers timber values as well as non-commodity values associated with oak savannas, acorn production, old growth forests, and aesthetics. New and updated sections include information on carbon sequestration, the production of biofuels, impacts of climate change, and insect and disease problems in oak forests including sudden oak death - a recently discovered serious pathogen.

Hardback. 560 pages

ISBN: 9781845934743

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Publisher: - CABI - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781845934743

Year: - 2009

Authors: - Paul Johnson, Stephen Shifley and Robert Rogers

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