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The CABI Encyclopedia of Forest Trees

The CABI Encyclopedia of Forest Trees


Provides an extensive overview of 300 of the world's most important forest trees. Many of the species covered are considered to be 'multipurpose' trees with uses extending beyond timber alone; Comprehensive information is presented on each tree's importance, with a summary of the main characteristics of the species, its potential for agroforestry use and any disadvantages it possesses. The tree's botanical features such as habit, stem form, foliage, inflorescence, flower and fruit characters and phenology are covered in detail with over 70 colour plate pictures to aid identification. Also included are specific sections devoted to pests and diseases, distribution and silvicultural characteristics and practices, including seed sowing, nursery care, planting, thinning, and harvesting. In addition to the wealth of information detailed, selected references for further reading are provided for each entry, making this book an essential reference work anyone studying or working in forestry.
536 pp.

Publisher: - Cabi - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781780642369

Year: - 2013

Authors: - CABI

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