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The Bench Grafter's Handbook, Principles & Practice

Further Information:
638 pages
180mm x 255mm x 30mm

The Bench Grafter's Handbook, Principles & Practice


Containing 500 full colour photographs and illustrations this presents exhaustive information on all aspects of bench grafting. It details requirements of more than 200 temperate woody plant genera, covering over 2,000 species and cultivars including important ornamental, temperate fruit, and nut crops. The book explains the principles and practices of bench grafting, new procedures to enhance grafting success, and recommendations for further scientific investigation.

Practical issues to aid professionals and the beginner, include detailed accounts, supported by pictures and diagrams of the main grafting methods, knifesmanship techniques and methods of training. Provision and design, now and for the future, of suitable structures, grafting facilities and equipment, to provide ideal controlled environments for grafts, are described.

Publisher: - CRC Press - more

Code: - 9781138046221

Year: - 2019 06 (Jun)

Authors: - Brian E. Humphrey

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