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The Agricultural Notebook: 20th Edition

The Agricultural Notebook: 20th Edition


The Twentieth Edition takes The Agricultural Notebook into its third century; it has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the considerable changes in agricultural and rural practices and policies which have taken place since publication of the previous edition. The book is divided into four parts: Crops, Management, Animal Production, and Farm Equipment. New sections added to this edition include: 1) A Marketing Perspective on Diversification, 2) Organic Farming, and 3) Farming and Wildlife. The new edition place particular emphasis on animal welfare, the environment, organic agriculture and the changes in the European Union Common Agriculture Policy. A new clearer layout has been adopted and much new information is included in easy-to-use tables and figures.

768pp. Paperback.
ISBN 9780632058297

Publisher: - Blackwell - more

Code: - ISBN: 9780632058297

Year: - 2003

Authors: - Richard J Soffe

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