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Sacred Trees of Ireland

Further Information:
220 pages
22 x 156 mm

Sacred Trees of Ireland


From ancient times, people appreciated the spiritual value of trees, singling out individual trees for special veneration. In Ireland the roots of tree worship reach deep into pagan Celtic religion and spirituality.Christine Zucchelli looks at these trees, from Fairy Thorns to Rag Trees, from Mass Bushes to Monument Trees. This fascinating exploration of their stories and legends reveals their spiritual, social and historical functions from pagan times to the present.
This is a re-issue of Christine's Trees of Inspiration : Sacred Trees and Bushes of Ireland (2009) which is now out of print, although we still have it in stock.

Publisher: - Collins Press - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781848892774

Year: - 2016 June

Authors: - Zucchelli, C.

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