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Principles and Practice of Soil Science, 4th ed.

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363 pages

Principles and Practice of Soil Science, 4th ed.


Soil remains one of the most important, yet most abused, natural resources on the planet. Responsible management of soil and associated water resources plays a critical role in the survival and prosperity of many nations around the world.
Principles and Practice of Soil Science, Fourth Edition provides a current and comprehensive introduction to soil science for students in the fields of environmental and agricultural science, ecology, soil and land management, natural resource management and environmental engineering. The text focuses on the fundamental concepts of how soils function and how this functioning is vital to productive and environmentally benign soil use.

The new edition of this classic text includes:
- Fully updated coverage of all the major aspects of soil science, from the soil habitat to processes in the soil environment and management for sustainable production.
- Discussion of soil management and environmental impacts.
- Emphasis on the applications of soil science to the solution of practical problems in soil and land management.
- Real world examples drawn from the author s international experience in the field.
- A thoroughly updated art package, with new colour photographs and diagrams to help students visualize key concepts.
- New problem sets at the end of each chapter, designed to reinforce important principles. An answer key is provided at the end of the text.

Although designed primarily for students, Principles and Practice of Soil Science, Fourth Edition is also an accessible reference for professional soil scientists, agronomists, ecologists, geomorphologists, engineers and land managers.

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Publisher: - Blackwell Publishing - more

Code: - 9780632064557

Year: - 2006

Authors: - White, R.E.

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