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Plants Of The World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Vascular Plant Families

Further Information:
850 pages,
2500 colour photos, illustrations, and distribution maps
280 x 238 mm

Plants Of The World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Vascular Plant Families

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This is the first comprehensive book to cover every vascular plant family in the world, including all families of lycopods, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. Organised in a modern phylogenetic order (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group IV for flowering plants and equivalent systems for other groups), over 450 families are described in this illustrated encyclopaedia, with full information relating to their characteristics, relationships, etymology, economic uses and distribution. Written by three world-renowned authors with wide interests in plant relationships, horticulture and modern genetic approaches to the study of biodiversity, the descriptions are accompanied by a lavish selection of photographs, illustrations and maps. Many of the illustrations are the work of the first author, Maarten Christenhusz, who is an accomplished photographer as well as a botanist. This authoritative, comprehensive and beautiful book will appeal to a wide audience, from undergraduate students to practising botanists and horticulturists as well as interested amateurs.

Publisher: - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew - more

Code: - 9781842466346

Year: - 2017 11 (Nov)

Authors: - Maarten JM Christenhusz, Michael F Fay, Mark W Chase

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