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Pests of Ornamental trees, Shrubs and Flowers (Second Edition)

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Pests of Ornamental trees, Shrubs and Flowers (Second Edition)

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Pests of Ornamental trees, Shrubs and Flowers, 2nd Edition
The first edition of this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated book was extremely successful and it has now been fully revised and updated. The second edition contains over 60 new pests and almost 90 new colour photographs.

The book opens with a review of the main features of insects, mites and other major pest groups. The principles of pest control of ornamental plants are discussed, followed by sections on the various pests. Each major order and family is considered in turn, with details of their status, host range, world distribution, diagnostic features and biology. Descriptions of the characteristic damage caused are also given.

Pests of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Flowers provides a unique source of permanent reference for all involved in the recognition, biology and control of the pests of ornamental crops, including professionals, scientists and students in agriculture, horticulture and entomology, and amateur gardeners.
Ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers have always been extremely popular and there is large demand - whether in gardens or parks - for alpines, bedding plants, cacti, cut flowers, house plants and pot plants, as well as herbaceous plants, ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees.
Hardback, Pages:480,Illustrations:1148

ISBN: 9781840761627

Publisher: - Manson Publishing - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781840761627

Year: - Paperback 2017 07 (Sept); Hardback (2012)

Authors: - Alford, D.V.

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