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Mosses and Liverworts of Britain & Ireland - A Field Guide

Mosses and Liverworts of Britain & Ireland - A Field Guide


Produced by a team of expert bryologists, this long awaited up-to-date, user friendly guide to identifying British and Irish bryophtes in the field, will become the definitive guide. Illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs. One entry per page which includes colour photographs, black and white drawings showing what species look like, together with notes on how to identify and distinguish similar species, habitat notes and distribution maps.
The introductory section includes a illustrative gallery of some common brtophytes, for beginners not confident in the use of a key, as well as a general field key to common and distintive mosses and liverworts and another field key to most sphagnum mosses. At the rear of the book are tables with habitat lists plus index.
A5 paperback in plastic sleeve.
848 pages
ISBN: 9780956131010

Publisher: - British Bryological Society - more

Code: - 9780956131010

Year: - 2010

Authors: - Atherton, Bosanquet , & Lawley

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