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Manual of Wood Decays in Trees

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Coloured illustrations

Manual of Wood Decays in Trees


An essential arborist's guide to diagnosis and treatment of fungus infection and wood decay; conceived as a practical aid for all those responsible for the care of trees. With coloured photographs of fungi, their habit and effect, and diagnostic illustrations by Claus Mattheck in his original and whimsical style.

  • Explains the basics of mycology
  • Describes why and where fungal fruit bodies form
  • Describes the main harmful fungi on street and park trees
  • Interprets fungal effects on the host trees
  • Reviews wood diagnostic instruments for detecting decay
  • Provides an introduction to the structure of wood
  • Publisher: - Arboricultural Association - more

    Code: - ISBN: 9780900978357

    Year: - 2003

    Authors: - Weber, K., Mattheck, C.

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