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Lawnmower Manual : A practical guide to choosing, using and maintaining a lawnmower

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Lawnmower Manual : A practical guide to choosing, using and maintaining a lawnmower

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If chosen correctly and properly maintained, a high-quality lawnmower should provide many years of trouble-free service. This extensively illustrated, step-by-step practical manual provides the reader with advice on how to choose the best mower for their needs, and how to carry out DIY maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition, saving on potentially expensive professional servicing and repair bills. This is an indispensable guide for anyone who owns a high-quality lawnmower.

Contents: Introduction - the difference between lawnmowers and grasscutters, details of other garden machinery and accessories. The lawnmower story - a brief illustrated history of the lawnmower explaining heritage, and a look at the future. Choosing and buying a lawnmower - petrol v. electric, rotary v. cylinder, ride-on v. walk-behind, electric start v. pull-start; how to choose the best equipment for your particular usage. Routine maintenance - parts ordering and DIY maintenance; cleaning, lubrication, blade-sharpening and balancing, oil and filter changes, spark plugs, fuels and additives, oils. Blades and cutters - repair and replacement of rotary and cylinder cutters, including the recent introduction of cylinder cassette-type lawnmowers. Petrol lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers and ride-on lawnmowers - the different types, pros and cons, maintenance. Engine overhaul - details for all commonly used current petrol engines, including Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Hayter, Mountfield, Castel Garden, Atco and new Chinese petrol engines. Glossary of terms - parts and descriptions.

Author Biography: Brian Radam has been involved with lawnmowers for over 50 years, having started as an apprentice at the ATCO Lawnmower Company, repairing hundreds of lawnmowers every week. A one-time lawnmower racing champion, he opened the Lawnmower Museum - the world's first - in Southport in 1988, and continues to run this collection alongside his lawnmower repair and garden machinery retail business, Lawnmower World.

Publisher: - Haynes Publishing Group - more

Year: - 2014 05 (May)

Authors: - Brian Radam

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