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Hedgerow History

Hedgerow History


180pp. 30 col. photos. 30 b&w illus. From the Scots Pine windbreaks of the Brecklands to the ancient earth and stone banks of the West Country, hedges are an essential component of regional landscape character. A working knowledge of them is an essential part of every landscape historian's toolkit. This book brings our understanding of them up ot date.

Drawing upon a unique computerised analysis of hedges in Norfolk, the authors explore how hedges came into existence, and how they have changed over time. They move beyond the myth that a hedge can be dated by simply counting species, and develop instead a much more sophisticated account. They point out marked geographic variations in species content and diversity, and explore the ecological economic and histrorical reasons for these differences.

Published in paperback only.

ISBN 1905119046

Publisher: - Windgather P. - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781905119042

Year: - 2006

Authors: - G. Barnes & T. Williamson

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