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Hedge Britannia, paperback

Hedge Britannia, paperback


Paperback version. See link at bottom of page for hardback version - in print.
Hedge Britannia is a portrait of the nation unlike any other. It is a tale of how agricultural and gardening traditions came to the British Isles, and of how our ideas of territory, neighbours and boundaries came to define town and country alike. Over the centuries we have proved ourselves to be a nation of ardent hedge-growers and this has shaped the landscape we know today. From rolling acres to suburban plots, nothing would be quite the same if the hedge had not made its appearance. It was the arrival of hedges that turned the forests and open pastures of our ancestors into a land of segregated fields, twisting hedgerows, enclosed gardens and, eventually, over-the-top topiary, decorative borders and controversial leylandii. Hugh Barker, a hedge enthusiast, has journeyed across Britain to explore its remarkable variety of gardens and hedgerows. Over the course of his travels he discovers how hedges are among our most ancient monuments, meets hedgelaying champions and topiary fanatics, and sees the lengths to which some people will go to annoy the neighbours. Along the way he tells how the garden hedge became associated with paradise, why the British army planted a barrier hedge hundreds of miles long in India, and how the notorious enclosures during the Industrial Revolution turned the country upside down. Informative, revealing, anecdotal and just a little eccentric, this is a sweeping history of Britain as you've never seen it before.
327 pages

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Publisher: - Bloomsbury - more

Code: - ISBN:9781408831120

Year: - 2012

Authors: - Hugh Barker

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