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Guidance Note 10:Protected Species and Arboriculture

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A4 Pamphlet 23 pages

Guidance Note 10:Protected Species and Arboriculture


This new guide provides general information regarding protected species found in the UK that may be encountered during arboricultural operations. It is intended to enable owners, advisors, contractors and those commissioning work to operate inside a framework that should meet current legislation and
protect vulnerable species from harm.
Whilst the Guide does not claim to be an exhaustive list or a code of conduct or best practice manual it is a guide written for arborists providing them with an introduction to each species, when and where they are likely to be encountered, what to do (and importantly what not to do) and where to find help and advice from persons competent in dealing with the specific species involved.

Publisher: - Arboricultural Assoc. - more

Code: - 9780900978517

Year: - 2010

Authors: - Arb. Assoc

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