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Greenwood Crafts - A Comprehensive Guide

Greenwood Crafts - A Comprehensive Guide

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Britain has a long and rich tradition of woodcrafts and what, since about the 1970s, have been called the 'greenwood crafts'. Greenwood crafts use wood that contains sap and is easy to work with simple hand tools to produce beautiful and useful products.

•Discusses all you need to know to get started, including tools, workshops, sourcing wood, making some of your own devices and the characteristics of the various woods
•Covers a wide variety of turned and carved items for the house and garden, including kitchen treen and sports equipment
•Examines a wide range of greenwood chairs, describes how they are made and highlights the talent and creativity of a number of expert craftspeople in the field
•Examines a number of basket-making techniques involving a range of raw materials, form willow to oak via hazel and other hedgerow plants
•Considers a range of items for garden and agricultural use such as rustic furniture, wood store, shakes, shelters, fences and basic timber framing
•Explores the future of greenwood working, takes a look at some of the new ideas emerging from the sector and includes handy hints on running a greenwood business

24 pages, 380 colour photographs
ISBN 9781847974204

Publisher: - Crowood Press - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781847974204

Year: - 2012

Authors: - Mills, E., Oaks, R.

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