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254 x 178 x 19 mm
360 pages



Elm, one of the three principal landscape trees of England, differs from the others in its complex variability and its intricate relationship with human settlement. Originally published in 1983, the present book covers all its aspects: its history, its use and distribution by man from prehistoric times onwards, its vernacular names, the numerous organisms associated exclusively with it and its place in English literature and the visual arts. The book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the English landscape. It is of particular relevance to botanists, foresters, archaeologists, historical linguists, zoologists, students of English literature and the fine arts, and workers in the areas of conservation and town and country planning.

Publisher: - Cambridge University Press - more

Code: - 9780521294621

Year: - 2012

Authors: - Richens, R. H.

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