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Deforesting and Restoring Peat Bogs

Deforesting and Restoring Peat Bogs


Peat bogs have been used for forestry because they are not well suited for agriculture. The role of peatlands as habitats for specialist flora and fauna is now widely recognised and nature conservation has become a major factor in decisions about their use. Forestry Commission Guideline Note 1 Forests and peatland habitats sets out current policy on this subject.

On afforested peat bogs, forestry and conservation objectives often
conflict. Where the two interests cannot be reconciled and the conservation objectives take precedence, deforestation and restoration to bog is desirable. But what does this entail? Is it feasible? Will it re-create worthwhile peatland habitats? And how much does it cost?

This Technical Paper attempts to answer these questions by reviewing relevant scientific and 'grey' literature and unpublished material. It draws on lessons learned in restoring bogs damaged by other land uses.

Publisher: - Forestry Commission - more

Code: - 0855384174

Year: - 2001

Authors: - Anderson, R.

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