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Conifers of The World - The Complete Reference

Conifers of The World - The Complete Reference

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An essential reference work, which provides up-to-date descriptions of all the true conifers of the world, including 545 species of trees and shrubs. Written for accessibility to both horticultural and botanical aufdiences, it is the first comprehensive update of conifer taxonomy in nearly a century. The author also discusses the relationships between groups, practical usages, champion trees, fossil occurrences, and biology. New identification guides for the families and genera are based on foliage features and are easier to use than traditional conifer keys which tend to focus on seasonal and microscopic cone characteristics. Cultivation notes and recommendations for different planting conditions.

Hardcover, 704 pages, 67 colour photos, 295 b&w photos, 240 line drawings, 67 distribution maps.

ISBN: 9780881929744

Publisher: - Timber Press - more

Code: - ISBN: 9780881929744

Year: - 2009

Authors: - James E Eckenwalder

Availability: - Currently unavailable

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