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Collins Fungi Guide

Collins Fungi Guide


The sixth title in the bestselling Collins Guide series, this book covers the fungi of the British Isles, with considerable relevance for Europe and the wider temperate world.

Leading mycological artists have been specially commissioned to ensure accurate, detailed illustrations. Where possible, species are described and illustrated on the same page, with up-to-date authoritative text aiding identification. Nearly 2,400 species are illustrated in full colour, with detailed notes on how to correctly identify them, including details of similar, confusing species. Illustrations of young and mature fruiting bodies are included where necessary, and key features are highlighted for quick and easy reference


ISBN: 9780007242900

Publisher: - Harper Collins - more

Code: - 9780007242900

Year: - 2012

Authors: - Buczacki, S., Shields, C., Ovenden, D.

Availability: - Temporarily unavailable

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