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Chainsaw Operator's Manual. NEW updated edition

Chainsaw Operator's Manual. NEW updated edition


The Chainsaw Operator's Manual is an essential safety tool for chainsaw operators. It is the ultimate guide to basic chainsaw operating techniques covering safety, maintenance and cross-cutting, but not tree felling. Detailed diagrams illustrate horizontal, vertical and boring cuts, as well as trimming and cross-cutting techniques. Safety considerations are discussed, including workplace safety, occupational hazards, kick-back and identifying dangerous trees. An explanation of the 'tension' and 'compression' forces in timber is also provided to help you understand where to begin cutting to avoid jamming the saw. The book covers chainsaw maintenance in detail, explains all aspects of the equipment and helps you select the right chainsaw and personal protection equipment for your needs. Trouble-shooting charts are included to help you solve operating problems. This manual has been updated to take into account the most recent changes in nationally accredited competency standards. It is a must-have for anyone operating a chainsaw.

Paperback. 55 pages

ISBN: 9780643097414

Publisher: - ForestWorks - more

Code: - ISBN: 9780643097414

Year: - 2009

Authors: - Forestworks

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