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Chain Saw Safety and Field Maintenance

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colour illustrations
128 pages

Chain Saw Safety and Field Maintenance


This bilingual easy to understand photo guide (in English and Spanish) was designed to illustrate the proper practices and techniques for safe and effective chain saw maintenance and operation.
Although this guide is designed for all levels of education and experience, its pictorial format makes it especially valuable for those of us who have reading challenges and/or learn best with pictures.


Seguridad de motosierra y mantenimiento en el lugar de trabajo – una guía fotográfica

Una herramienta inigualable!—Esta guía fotográfica bilingüe (inglés y español) ilustra las apropiadas prácticas y técnicas de mantenimiento y manejo de la motosierra. (©2003, cubierta rústica, ilustraciones a color, 128 páginas.)

Publisher: - Hot Pixel Press - more

Code: - ISBN: 9780972954006

Year: - 2003

Authors: - Kevin K. Eckert

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