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British Milkcaps Lactarius and Lactifluus

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A4 Spiral Bound,120 pages High quality gloss paper

British Milkcaps Lactarius and Lactifluus


he Milkcaps, species of Lactarius and Lactifluus are a popular group of fungi distributed throughout the world and with over 70 species in Britain. All are characterised by the latex or milk which is exuded when they are damaged. Many are brightly coloured or have striking colour changes in their flesh or milk and some are popular edibles. This book aims to help with the identification of the British species by presenting colour photographs of all the British species, many with highly detailed photos of their spores and by the use of readily accessible keys. It provides up to date information on their distribution and ecology and presents recent changes in their classification.

Publisher: - Geoffrey Kibby - more

Year: - 2014

Authors: - Kibby, G.

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