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Britain's Plant Galls: a photographic guide

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150mm x 215mm

Britain's Plant Galls: a photographic guide


A photographic guide to Britain's plant galls. The book describes the organisms that cause or induce galls and is the first book to provide extensive colour photographs. There are over 200 in all, showing the commonest or most conspicuous of Britain's 1,000 or so plant galls, arranged according to their host plants to facilitate identification in the field.

Induced by a variety of insects and other organisms, plant galls range from tiny pimples to bizarre and often very attractive and exquisitely sculptured growths. Galls can be found on a wide range of both woody and herbaceous plants, with over 50 different kinds occurring on our oak trees alone.
The book was compiled on behalf of and with assistance from the British Plant Gall Society. The author has edited their journal 'Cecidology' for over 20 years.

Paperback. 96 pages. 252 photos and 2 illustrations


Publisher: - WILDGuides - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781903657430

Year: - 2011

Authors: - Michael Chinery

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