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Brazilian Trees Volume 3.

Brazilian Trees Volume 3.


This book is a continuation of the series Brazilian Trees, volumes 1 and 2; the first was published in 1992, the second in 1998; both were brought up to date in later printings. Volume 3 contains the same number of species descriptions as in each of the first two volumes (352) and follows the same format. Nevertheless, the present volume deals almost exclusively with rare and little-known trees, in as much as the more common or more easily found trees comprise the first two volumes. The three volumes together provide descriptions of 1,056 native Brazilian trees.
Full color images of habit, flowering branch closeup, fruits, seeds, bark and wood, of native species. Also contains written information of the morphological characteristics of each plant, its phenology, natural occurrence, seed gathering and preparation procedures, and seedling production.

Hardback. 384 pp.
2,112 color photographs (6 per page)
352 tree species (1 for each page)
ISBN: 8586714344

Publisher: - Instituto Plantarum - more

Code: - ISBN: 8586714344

Year: - 2009

Authors: - Harri Lorenzi

Availability: -

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