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Apples : A Field Guide 2nd Ed

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193 pages
colour photos
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Apples : A Field Guide 2nd Ed


Apples are second only to roses as the most enquired about plants at the Royal Horticultural Society. With the help of this completely revised new edition of Apples: A Field Guide anyone wanting to name an apple should be able to work out its identity and origins or find out where to go for help. You need no special knowledge, although at least three examples of the fruit from each tree that needs identification are helpful, and leaves preserved from the last two weeks of July can play a part in the process of elimination. Apples: A Field Guide also celebrates the beauty and diversity of this remarkable fruit and will direct the reader to sources for buying old varieties, learning more about planting trees or the creation of whole orchards and the care needed to make them productive.

Publisher: - Tewin Orchard - more

Code: - 9780954950859

Year: - 2015

Authors: - Clark, M.

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