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An Introduction to Plant Structure and Development 2nd ed.

An Introduction to Plant Structure and Development 2nd ed.

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An Introduction to Plant Structure and Development provides a comprehensive introduction to plant anatomy incorporating basic knowledge with information and ideas about the development of plant structure and form. Unlike many other plant anatomy textbooks, the 18 chapters incorporate information from the latest research in cellular and molecular biology as related to plant development. Topics include the integrative significance of plasmodesmata and the concept of the symplast, the concept of multicellularity, the role of the cytoskeleton in development, signal transduction, and the genetic control of development. Brief sections on evolution and function are also included. This textbook has been designed for undergraduate and graduate students with a basic knowledge of plant science. It is richly illustrated with numerous line drawings and photographs, closely integrated with the text, to aid students' understanding. In addition there is a comprehensive glossary and extensive bibliographies for further reading.

Hardback. 431pp. b+w illustrations.

Publisher: - Cambridge University Press - more

Code: - 9780521518055

Year: - 2005

Authors: - Charles B. Beck

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