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A Monograph of Leaf Characters

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166 Pages
Colour Photos
19×27 cm

A Monograph of Leaf Characters


This monograph deals with the leaf characters of the genus Abies (Pinaceae) and represents one of the most comprehensive studies, which includes nearly all species worldwide, their subspecies and varieties and also several of the natural and artifcial hybrids as well.

All morpho-anatomical features are presented in detailed diagnostic descriptions and in over 90 full-page colour fgures, including macro- and microscopic details of the entire foliar shoots and single needle leaves, scanning electron microscopic images of the stomata and anatomical sections. In addition to the precise documentation of all leaf characters, morpho-anatomical comparisons are drawn, useful to distinguish between quite similar species.

Thus, this book is of interest for botanists, foresters, horticulturists and everyone who is interested in this fascinating group of conifers.

Publisher: - Verlag Kessel - more

Code: - 9783945941409

Year: - 2018 05 (May)

Authors: - Veit Martin Dörken & Hubertus Nimsch

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